• Willoughby Elementary students learn to sing a song using sign language- As part of Diversity and Respect Week in the Langley School District, Willoughby Elementary students, led by music teacher Emma Dotto, learned sign language so that they could perform a song – both singing and signing – for their school classmates.  As well, in an effort to push forward a conversation about the importance of... Read more »
  • Students Send Postcards to Prime Minister as part of Have a Heart Day- Originally published Feb. 15, 2023: Grade 4 students at Dorothy Peacock Elementary used Valentine’s Day to show a little love for Indigenous students in Canada, while teaching their schoolmates about inequality that exists in parts of the country. The initiative – which includes weeks of learning, as well as the creation of two bulletin boards... Read more »
  • North Otter Alphabet Fashion Show- Originally published Jan. 27, 2023 As a way to create “memorable experiences” in order to help her Kindergarten students learn to read, North Otter Elementary teacher Katie Behboudi organized an “Alphabet Fashion Show” that includes costumes, flashing lights and a runway. A helpful puppet, Professor Read-A-Lot, was also part of the learning experience, as the... Read more »
  • Making Math Fun- The Langley School District educators find ways to make math fun. At Richard Bulpitt Elementary, educators discuss their strategies used in the classroom, such as numeracy games. See video below for more:
  • Makerspace at Yorkson Creek- Originally published: February 3, 2022 — “They don’t even realize they’re learning half the time.” We talk to makerspace teacher Nadine Keyworth at Yorkson Creek Middle School about the value of hands-on learning and creativity that comes out of makerspace. This is one of many explorations at the middle school level. Watch the video below... Read more »
  • Celebrating Mother Language Day and Literacy in Langley Schools- With more than 100 languages spoken in the homes of students and staff across Langley Schools, the District is celebrating International Mother Language Day in a unique way. United Nation’s International Mother Language Day, which falls on February 21, “recognizes that languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion, and the Sustainable Development Goals’ focus on leaving... Read more »
  • AVID success at Aldergrove Community Secondary- Originally published: April 1, 2022 — AVID is a program that will prepare students for success in secondary, post-secondary, and beyond! We visited Aldergrove Community Secondary to learn more about the academic and life-long benefits to students. You can also find AVID at Langley Secondary. Watch the video below to learn what AVID is all... Read more »