Goal: All students will meet or exceed literacy expectations for each grade level or individual IEP or AIP goals.



Here's What

Click on link to relevant literacy data (FSA Data, District Primary Reading Data, Provincial Literacy Assessment Data).

Other District and Provincial Performance Indicators

  • District Writing Assessments (DWA 5)
  • Proficiency Levels (report cards)
  • Grade to Grade Transitions
  • Aboriginal “How are We Doing?” Report
  • School Action Plan Reviews
  • Early Development Instrument – EDI (K)
  • Reading Assessments K-8: KSP, F&P, DART
  • French Immersion Assessments: GB+ and ERC

Find out what the data means, both for our District and for our students.

So What?

Links and more information to come.

What steps is the District taking to reach our goal? What are we doing to better serve our students?

Now What?

K-12 Actions

A. Target literacy from K to 12 and implement strategic actions resulting from regular, ongoing analysis of cohort, school, district and provincial data.

B. Development and implementation of prioritized learning standards in literacy at each grade level in all schools.

C. Target interventions to schools that require intensive support through the District Based Team.

D. Use research and evidenced-based practice to build elaborations, resources, and strategies to support and enhance the Balanced Literacy Guide and ensure that these are linked directly to the Teaching and Learning Framework.

E. Pre-K to 12 District Literacy Team to create a District Literacy Plan outlining the foundational literacy teaching strategies and interventions at each grade level to provide access, learning, and support for all learners.

F. Ongoing evaluation and revision of District assessments, aligned with the Guiding Principles of Assessment, to ensure equitable access for all learners.

G. Provide ongoing professional learning that supports literacy instruction and assessment.

H. Ensure all School Action Plans have targeted and specific actions to address literacy learning.