• Together at Meadows- Originally published: February 22, 2022 — Students are celebrating being “Together at Meadows” through song. Some classes at Langley Meadows Community School have been taken on a song writing journey thanks to a grant from our community partners Langley School District Foundation and Envision Financial. Their message of love, inclusion, and supporting each other comes... Read more »
  • Douglas Park Community Elementary’s new crossing guard, Bobbie- “Hi, I belong.” That’s the message Douglas Park Community Elementary’s inclusive crosswalk standee, Bobbie, has to share. Bobbie, who was once known as Bob, has been painted to represent the LGBTQ+ and the different cultural backgrounds in Langley’s diverse community. The update was done in part to make the crosswalk standee more noticeable for drivers.... Read more »
  • Connecting Generations: A Seniors Art Exhibit from the Eyes of Students- Originally published: June 10, 2022 — Bright coloured pictures and black and white portraits of seniors in the style of cubes adorn the walls outside the Langley City council chambers. The artwork is all part of a collaborative project organized by the Langley Human Dignity Coalition and involved many community partners, including students at Blacklock... Read more »
  • Celebrating Outdoor Learning Opportunities Across the District- On your next visit to one of the schools in the Langley School District, you may notice a new classroom but it’s not within four walls. Approximately, two dozen schools across the District are benefitting from fresh, nature-inspired, outdoor learning spaces on site thanks to support from the federal government as part of its response... Read more »
  • Celebrating our Spaces- Originally published: October 15, 2021 — A concrete structure resembling a Greek amphitheatre and bright, bold murals similar to what you would find at an art museum are just some of the things you will see at schools in Langley. The District has put in a significant amount of work over the last two years... Read more »
  • Building communication ramps through SLP-educator collaboration- I’m a big fan of ramps. As an itinerant speech language pathologist (SLP) working at many school sites each week, my rolling cart is always in use. While I do not have a physical disability that prevents me from using the stairs, ramps make my work much easier. It’s hard to believe at one time... Read more »
  • Being an Ally: Q & A with our LGBTQ+ Committee Members- As part of Pride Month in June, the District is speaking with members of our LGBTQ + Committee, a group which supports diversity and inclusion in our schools. In this Q & A with Jessica Bain and Golda Janzen, we ask them about the meaning of Pride Month, and how we as a community can... Read more »