Human & Social Development

Goal: Every school will continue to develop strategies for developing compassionate learning communities that nurture the gifts of all students.



Here's What

Click HERE for relevant data (Student Learning Survey – Grades 4,7,10,12; Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) – Grades 5,6 and 8; Grade to Grade Transitions – Grades 9-10, 10-11, 11-12).

Other District and Provincial Performance Indicators:

  • Tell Them from Me Survey (Grades 8 @ secondary, 9 and 11)
  • Attendance Rates


The District has been using three surveys with various grades over the past few years (Tell Them from Me, the Student Learning Survey, and the Middle Years Instrument). Last year the decision was made to use the various surveys consistently at the same grade level moving forward to allow for a comparison of results year to year.

Find out what the data means, both for our District and for our students.

So What?

Links and more information to come.

What steps is the District taking to reach our goal? What are we doing to better serve our students?

Now What?

A. Create Langley’s Social Emotional Learning Guide.

B. Complete an equity, diversity and inclusion scan in order to establish a vision and action plan for anti-racism.

C. Work with ya:y̓ əstəl̕ to review and revise the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement.

D. Provide universal, targeted and intensive trauma integrated training:

  • Universal – PEACEful classrooms; Ukeru
  • Targeted – Heal Aces Rating Tool
  • Intensive – Ukeru receiving pads to respond to students in crisis


E. Work with community partners to implement the Mental Health in Schools Strategy:

  • Working directly with the Foundry and creating relationships at each school to leverage the full benefits of the Foundry for our students,
  • Building partnerships with Child and Youth Mental Health, as well as SPEAC (Suicide Prevention, Education and Counselling) and START (Short Term Assessment Response Treatment),
  • Working collaboratively with the HUB Coalition, promoting navigators and programs,
  • Working collaboratively with the WHY Clinic to provide nurse practitioner services in schools.